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Yoni Massage – is it for me?

yoni massage in Helsinki

You might heard about Yoni Massage in Helsinki from a friend or from the internet. And probably you are curious about finding out more. Then keep reading. This article will give you a quick overview about what it means and will help you decide if it is for you.

Let’s start from scratch.

Firstly – What is a Yoni Massage?

A Yoni Massage is a very special massage that focuses on your genital area. You can also call it “vulva massage”. It can be done by your partner, by yourself or by a professional therapist.
It consists in slow and sensual caresses all over your body and then slowly moving to your Yoni (vagina). Once there, different spots are tapped inside, in order for you to relax and release tension.

Yoni – your “sacred place”

“What is Yoni?”, you might ask. “Yoni” is a sanskrit word for “vagina”, but it means way more than that. It translates as “sacred place” and it includes also the woman’s “uterus” or “the womb”. It is the most feminine and sensitive part of your body.

Why do we call it “yoni”?

We use the sanskrit term because it holds a deeper meaning to your vagina than only the physical aspect. It’s about honoring and respecting your feminine place as the symbol of the Goddess, of the feminine power. We call your vagina “Yoni” as we approach “her” with much reverence and consideration.

Why do I need a Yoni Massage?

If you feel stressed or feel tensions in your body, this special massage will help. Your Yoni is like a map of your whole body. In other words – all parts of your body are reflected inside your lovely vagina.
That is the reason why “Yoni mapping” is another term that we use for this kind of massage. You can have a Yoni Massage in our centre from Helsinki if you want to get in touch with yourself as a woman, with your beautiful body and your sensuality.

What does “Yoni Mapping” mean?

During the Yoni massage certain spots are gently pressed and stimulated inside your vagina. We touch these spots on purpose to eliminate tensions, to awaken and activate them. You will experience a deeper connection with your body.

Is it for me?

Well, we would definitely recommend it to you. Either to reconnect with your feminine and sensual side or as a way to release tensions and prepare yourself for a romantic encounter with your lover. Or to get to know yourself better, both physically and emotionally. We recommend at least 3 sessions to get all these benefits.

If it’s your first time to experience a Yoni Massage, our trained masseuses will be more than happy to assist you with it and to answer all the questions you might have.

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