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Workshops for men, women and couples

Tantra Teachings

For those willing to dive more deeply  into the Tantric lifestyle and feel ready to explore the world of Tantra in more depth, step by step,  we organize once a month a Tantra Weekend in our Centre when you can apply both for workshops and individual Tantra teachings.

Workshops for men, women and couples

Drawing from Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, Chinese Taoist teachings and other ancient traditions, as well as contemporary psychological and somatic approaches, the workshops are built to give a theoretical background and practical experience regarding the most important tantric principles to all those seeking out personal growth alone or in a couple relationship.
You can come to join a workshop either alone, with friends or in a couple.

Here are some of the workshops we hold regularly in our Tantra Centre:

The workshops also features:

Duration: 2 hours
Fees: 70€ /person

You can also come and receive both a workshop and then a tantric massage. The combination of both lasts for approximately 3 hours, and costs 220€

Please note that the workshops are conducted once a month and will be marked in our calendar. Make sure you register for the sessions in advance as the availability is limited.