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Tantra Teachings

The tantra teachings, both Initiations and Workshops, are conducted once a month.

Once a month, those interested to explore the world of Tantra in more depth benefiting of our guidance and support both in theory and practice have the possibility to attend also Tantra Teachings in our Centre.

This time the program includes a set of Tantric Initiations (individual teachings- just you and the tantra teacher) the Tantra massage workshop and Aphrodisiacs Workshop.

Both the Initiations and the Workshops are for all those seeking out personal growth alone or in a couple relationship.

The Initiation Program

Is a step by step guidance to the world of Tantra, comprising different levels meant to unravel the most important tantric principles and techniques, and allow you to gain much deeper knowledge and personal experience of the wonderful tantric lifestyle.

Each level includes a theory part and a practical part which is the tantric massage, each time customized to give you the personal experience of the subject in question. You will also receive a written material, which you can study at home.

Duration: 3 hours in total
Fee: 230€
Time: as the initiations are conducted individually , a previous booking is required

Tantra Massage Workshop for Couples

In this workshop we will explore in theory and practice the magical world of tantric massage-specifically approached as a method to increase intimacy, togetherness and erotic fulfillment between lovers.

The day will begin with exploring how the magic quality of touch can take us into intimate connection with each other, not only physically but on much more subtle levels too. Also helping us to cultivate the inner quality needed if we are to truly discover the nature of tantric massage, as it is much more about a state of mind, presence and being than about practical technique.

So we will begin with a talk and a series of exercises to lead us into this profound connection, and discover how the essential qualities of masculine and feminine can be approached to amplify the polarity between us, which is really the key to the awakening and relaxed respectful awareness of the erotic energies, which is specific to tantric massage.

The second part of the day will be a practical demonstration and workshop of the Tantric massage as performed by the woman, and then by the man, so that each couple can experience this for themselves.

The workshop leaders will demonstrate the massage as you follow through with your partner.

Duration: 5 hours The day will begin at 13am on Sunday and it will finish at approximately 6pm.
Fee: 270€  per couple
Time: based on previous booking
You must come with a partner.

Sense Awakening Ritual

Ritual is used in tantra to bring more awareness and therefore power to things we often do in an unconscious way every day.

One of the reasons that the senses are focused on so much in tantra is that they anchor us into the present moment, where we can fully experience the beauty of life. Often we only pay attention to our senses when something particularly overwhelming happens-like a beautiful sunset, but they are our way of receiving information and energy from our environment all the time.

A fruit freshly picked from the tree smells and tastes so good because it is full of the energy of life, and it is only when we give the senses our full attention that we can truly absorb this vital energy into our being.

When we really feel full of this energy of life, we feel truly alive, vivid, full of joy, love and gratitude – in other words it awakens the soul. When we realise that the senses are the way we nourish the soul, it changes our whole connection with the world and those around us – if we look for beauty in all things we actually nourish ourselves and feel better, all the more so if we become channels of that beauty for others too!

In this ritual you will be guided to awaken your partner’s senses one by one, taking them on a magical journey into life’s true beauty. You will then change roles to receive this gift yourself, helping both of you to see the beauty in each other and to intimately connect at a profound level that can only nourish your relationship.

Duration: 60minutes
Fee: 50€
Time: based on previous booking
Come alone or with a partner

Conscious Touch Workshop for Couples

Authentic and loving conscious touch is a vital part of our development as rounded and warm human beings. Yet it is one of the aspects of life we generally avoid the most – most people become intensely uncomfortable if a hug lasts more than 2 or 3 seconds because this is precisely when we go beyond the ego and really start to connect! We are afraid of intimacy and yet conversely it is the thing we need the most.

Bringing awareness into touch allows us to genuinely connect with one another and experience the flow of love and life energy between us in a way that deeply nourishes.

Conscious touch is a wonderful nourishing experience because touch is directly connected to the heart. After all, it is exactly this heart connection that we crave so dearly and find so lacking in modern life.

Normally our touch is either superficial, or tinged with desire, so we don’t fully open ourselves to it, but when we are touched with pure and loving intention, we feel safe enough to properly abandon ourselves to receive the love which is being offered. This brings a profound sense of wellbeing and satisfaction, an inner happiness which nourishes the soul.

In this workshop you will be guided to awaken the heart and through this discover how you can truly connect with one another through conscious touch, taking you into a magical world of genuine and loving intimacy.

As touch is best experienced skin-on-skin there is the potential for nudity, but only as much as you feel comfortable with. Your boundaries will always be respected.

Duration: 90minutes
Fee: 120€ per couple
Time: based on previous booking

Nutrients and Herbs. A useful perspective on Aphrodisiacs (Ayurveda)

For centuries people have searched for plants and potions to enhance both love and lovemaking. Various substances of animal and plant origin have been used in folk medicines of different cultures; some have been identified pharmacologically, allowing us to understand the mechanisms through which they act.
Nowadays there is a lot of misconception and lack of knowledge about what aphrodisiacs really are.
Are they really effective? Do we really need them?

This practical and dynamic workshop aims to bring to light a better understanding of the benefits of aphrodisiacs and why the search for such substances dates back millennia.
The workshop will help you understand the role that aphrodisiacs can play in your life and also teach about different ways to boost your libido naturally.
We will taste, smell and learn about some of the most recommended herbs thought to have aphrodisiacs powers.

You will go home with recipes for aphrodisiac mixtures and even  with your own bottle of aphrodisiac elixir.

Bring a friend, your lover or just yourself for a special treat for your senses and decode the mysteries of aphrodisiacs.

Duration: 90minutes
Fees: 60€ per person
Time: based on previous booking

Both the Initiation Program and the workshops feature:
-introduction to sacred sexuality
-Tantric and Taoist techniques to enhance your control over ejaculation and increased pleasure
-tantric techniques for channeling your sexual energy into creative energy
-tantric techniques for awaking your femininity/masculinity
-techniques for couples for creating greater intimacy and fulfilling relationships
-questions and discussions

As previously mentioned, the teachings, both Initiations and Workshops  are conducted once a month. Please make sure you register for the sessions in advance as the availability is limited.
We welcome you and looking forward to meeting you soon.