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Tantra massage for Women

Tantric Massage for Women

hieronta naisille

Tantric Massage for women is done taking into consideration the special needs each woman has; for example, the need for beauty, the need for safe relaxing atmosphere, the need for comfort, the need for respect, the need for care… just to mention a few.

The massage for women can be given either by female of male massage therapist, whomever the woman feels more comfortable with.

The aim of the tantric massage is to offer the woman an ecstatic experience, which relaxes, heals, and rejuvenates her entire body as well as the rest of her being. Everything happens on a background of deep relaxation.

The massage is done with high quality organic oil using different kinds of massage techniques and methods. The massage also awakens the sensual energies and leads these energies throughout the body, making the whole body more sensitive and orgasmic.

If you feel stressed or feel tensions in your body, you can get also Yoni Massage, at request.

Yoni Massage is a very special massage that focuses on your genital area. Once there, different spots are tapped inside, in order for you to relax and release tension.

Duration: approximately 2 hours

Fees: 150€ (including VAT)

Longer sessions are possible: every 30 minutes cost additional 50€
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