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Tantra Massage for Men

Tantric Massage for Men

hieronta miehilleTantric massage is a very sensual and intimate type of massage which is beneficial for men in various way. The massage relaxes you deeply both physically and emotionally. It relieves sexual frustrations, blockages and inhibitions.

The massage is a whole body to body experience, where all the areas of the body are massaged (however, there is no direct massage of the genital area!). The massage can be given by one or two masseuses.
It is important to underline that there is no sexual intercourse in any way during the massage. According to the tantric wisdom and tradition there will be no ejaculation at any point during the massage, so that you can enjoy the energizing, elevating and healing effects of the Tantra massage.

During the massage man learns to expand his awareness so that it includes his entire body and even more, and the sexual sensations are no longer limited to the genital area only. The entire body becomes more sensitive and able to experience various forms of pleasure. The massage is both sensual as well as intimate, and the states of pleasure are combined with feelings of love, empathy and unity.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Fees: 150 € (including VAT)

Longer sessions are possible: every 30 minutes costs additional 50€
For further information or booking a time please contact us.