Tantra Massage for Couples

hieronta paritTantric Massage for Couples

It is wonderful to come to enjoy a tantric massage together as a couple. You will be guided how to reach a deeper and fuller experience with your beloved, taking  you to new heights of spiritual communion together and giving you the chance to develop the art of touch, the art of listening with your heart, your hands, your body, your whole being.

Two of our experienced tantric massage therapists will welcome you and will explain you some of the main tantric key elements. We start with  a short introduction into the various ways to keep the love and passion alive in the relationship. You will be taught some of the tantric practices for increasing the happiness in your couple relationship.

Then you will receive a tantric massage for 2 hours, in two separate rooms. After the massage you will meet again to share the experience and, at this point, you can also ask questions and request more informations about the practices you can do at home.

For more details about the massage, please read the chapter tantric massage for men and tantric massage for women on our website.

Duration: approximately 2,5 hours

Fees:  300€ total (including VAT)

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