Massage Course for Couples

hieronta kurssin paritIn our Massage Centre you may participate to a tantric massage course together with your partner so that you can learn how to give a sensual massage to each other. This amazing ecstatic experience is a unique way to enhance your couple relationship and your intimate erotic life. We recommend that both of you come and experience first the joy of receiving the Tantra massage, as this will make it more easily for you to learn to give this special type of massage to your beloved one.

The course will include 3 times 2h sessions for both of you.  Between the sessions it is highly recommended to practice at home as much as possible. The trainers of the course are highly qualified and experienced massage practitioners.

The course is short but intense. It will not entitle you to work as a masseur or masseuse. However it will give you the practical tools to bring your beloved to states of ecstasy through a tantric massage.

Price: 150€ per session ( including VAT)- the course includes 3 sessions of massage training

Duration: each session will take approximately 2,5h

For further information or booking a time please contact us: