Individual Tantra Teachings

Tantra Teachings

For those willing to dive more deeply  into the Tantric lifestyle and feel ready to explore the world of Tantra in more depth, step by step,  we organize once a month a Tantra Weekend in our Centre when you can apply both for workshops and individual Tantra teachings.

Individual Tantra Teachings

As many of our guests expressed their interest in learning more about Tantra and apply the tantric principles in their lives, we developed a program of tantric initiations which combines theory with practice.

The program is a step by step guidance to the world of Tantra, comprising different levels meant to unravel the most important tantric principles and techniques, both in theory and practice, and allow you to gain much deeper knowledge and personal experience of the wonderful tantric lifestyle.

Each level includes a theory part and a practical part, each time customized to give you the personal experience of the subject in question. You will also receive a written material, which you can study at home.

You can learn more about our Program of Teaching and Workshops by visiting our Centre where you can receive a booklet referring to all levels in detail.

Duration: 3 hours in total
Fees: 220 €

*Please note that the workshops are conducted once a month and will be marked in our calendar. Make sure you register for the sessions in advance as the availability is limited.